Full Spectrum LC1290 upgrade to Ruida and now crawl speeds

Ok so the Vector speeds were mostly sorted out but engraving runs approx 10mm/sec no matter the settings.
Machine: Full Spectrum LC1290. We recently pulled the controller to be rid of their software/Correll and installed a Ruida RDC6445S(EC)

Under the Vendor properties for each axis, there should be a max speed setting. What is that set to?

Not sure where that is. All I found was Min/Max Acceleration.

Can you take screenshots of every section of Edit->Machine Settings?

Yessir! I’ll load them today.

Down at the bottom of the Machine Settings will be a single line : Vendor Settings.

Click the little triangle over on the left of that line, agree you won’t break anything, and you’ll see all the details. It’s easy to miss that triangle the first time through.

Let me know if these work.

@ednisley @berainlb

Last two photos.

You covered the Max speed settings I was looking for but those look reasonably high. Nothing that would keep the machine so slow.

Can you confirmed that you’ve calibrated your step length? Meaning the machine is burning dimensionally accurately?

Also, how are you testing engraving speed?

I have not calibrated anything. I would love to do that.

Not sure how to test the engraving speed. The only thing we have to tell is no matter what adjustments we made in LB or Ruida, the actual speed stays at approx 10mm/sec(based off of holding a mm tape as it traverses).

I’m wondering if it’s possible that the controller believes it’s moving faster than the actual measured speed.

I’d suggest calibrating the axes first to make sure distance measurements are accurate. Then revisit the speed.

I will absolutely get that done today both get back to you.

Thank you!

Ok so both X and Y were off by about .5mm but not spot on. The actual speed still has not increased. Not sure if you saw the LB screenshots at the top of my post but the max speed for cutting is 15,000mm/s. there’s clearly some % ratio set up and we can’t lock it down.

I can’t find this in your previous shots…

Both X and Y axes appear to have a maximum speed of 500mm/s. Y axes has about 1/3 the acceleration.


Jeez, forgot to load that one.

The requested speed will be capped by the controller based on max speed. As @jkwilborn indicated this is 500 mm/s for both X and Y.

Sample for X:

You indicated before that cuts were going at expected speeds. If you draw a single line can you confirm that you get the requested speed (up to 500 mm/s)?

correct!. I drew lines on X & Y separately and they equally run about 10mm/s no matter what speed I inout into LB.

Actually I was referring to this:

I understood this to mean that cutting operations (vector) were moving at higher speeds. To clarify, are you saying that under any circumstances you do not exceed 10 mm/s?

If so, is this also true for movements from the control panel?