Fuzzy/ double letters?

I’m engraving powder coated steel. using air assist, settings 750mm/ min @ 85% power, 2.5%overscanning @ 45Deg angle, 298 LPI

Traced logo the set layer to fill + Line

Any thoughts on why I’m getting double/ fuzzy lettering? I’m looking for clean crisp edges.

TIA for your thoughts.

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Do you get clean burns in other scenarios? In other words, is this a tried and true laser that’s having issues with this one job or is this being exercised for the first time?

Are you able to share the .lbrn file?

This IS the first runs for this laser. I’ve successfully done this burn using my old (home) Ortur LM2, to the point I convinced my work to buy the LM2 Pro (the one acting this way).

I’ve attempted to attach the LB file.

Thanks for your help

BDC Logo Trace.lbrn2 (57.7 KB)

the file is ok, so maybe a mechanical problem? check belts and pulleys

Agree with @killrob that you need to check belt tension and pulleys.

However, I can’t really make sense of what’s going on based the file. It looks like you’ve got 2 full burns offset on the Y-axis. If this was just normal belt skipping I would expect there to be gaps in the burn or other artifacts. I wouldn’t expect to see a what looks like a full double burn.

Can you confirm that the file that you attached is the exact setup that you had at the time of the burn?


I think what they are saying is it looks like you run the job, then ran it again just moving it a little. It does look like a double burn.


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I recently started getting this issue on one of our machines at work. Only software fix I could figure out was to disable Bi-Directional Fill. Was thinking pulley issue myself, but everything seems to be in order.a