Galvo Fiber Ezcad Auxillary USB Port for i/o control - air assist, vacuum/exhaust, etc

Has anyone figured out a way to get air assist to work with galvo fiber lasers runing on Ezcard 2 board? I keep forgetting to manually turn on air assist valve from compressor and vacuum fan when starting a burn.

I run a lot of automation in my shop for my CNC mill and GlowForge PLUS CO2 laser with Alexa devices. These still require me to tell Alexa to turn them on.

Ideally, it would be great if Lightburn open up some type of API (python) that we could use for another USB port to control relay boards to turn on vacuum fans, air assist, cameras & control, x/y tables, etc.

If anyone has any ideas, I have 30+ years of software and embedded development experience and would volunteer my time to get something like this working.