Gantry will not move engraving text

New guy needing help. My xtool d1 10 watt worked great with lightburn but now is trying me. Everything was fine. Even used the rotary a time or two. Now the gantry no longer moves. Will burn a hole in material but no movement. Thought I would go back to laserbox and try. Works perfectly. Decided to try lightburn material test It did the boxes great but came to adding the numbers on the sides it burned a hole at its starting point.
I am a master woodworker but not so great at computers. Any idea what I have messed up? All help appreciated.

Make sure that you’ve reversed all the mechanical steps from installing the rotary. Also, make sure that you have disabled the rotary within LightBurn.

Had the same thoughts. Went through the steps several times but must have missed something. I will try again this evening. Thanks Kenny

You must be correct I do have the x axis but no Y… Can someone please tell me how to stop the rotary from this condition? I can find no way on my knowledge base. Thanks

Go to Laser Tools → Rotary Setup and disable “Enable rotary”.

I have done this a number of times. It has no effect. Tried it both ways. Thanks

Can you take screenshots of:

  1. Full LightBurn with Laser window in view
  2. Edit->Device Settings

Got to learn to do that. will try. Not much luck. Not real computer literate.

What version of Windows are you running?

Windows 10

Open Start menu and do a search for “Snipping Tool” and open that application. That will give you various options to take screenshots. There’s a chance that the tool may be called “Snip and sketch” depending on whihch updates you have applied.

Sorry but just not working. I can take the shot but not find it to attach

Understand you are trying to help a 79 year old learn a computer

Taking the screenshot doesn’t save the screenshot. It only captures it. You need to explicitly save it after that.

Recommend you read through this page for more details:
Use Snipping Tool to capture screenshots (

On the snipping tool right click the image and hit copy. In the reply just paste it with the ctl-v command or right click and paste.

Thanks everyone for the help. Checked shop records to find this program HAS functioned properly since using the rotary. It functioned well until the update was installed.
I have now completely uninstalled everything. I may reinstall someday to try again. I am to far behind to take the time to mess with figuring it out now.
I really like Lightburn but after this I will think twice about depending on it.
I really appreciate your help. There are no published books.on the program and no help at all from Lightburn. The forum is a godsend for the dummies.

o.k. Decided to give it another chance. I have narrowed it down to the rotary is not turning OFF as the window shows That is the reason X works but Y does not. Info is being sent to the rotary instead of the gantry. I have tried many times to turn the rotary off with no success. I understand this was a bug that was to be fixed in a update.
Is there a way to turn it off I am missing? Says my software is up to date. Maybe you might have a solution for this.
I know I am a pain but appreciate any help…

Can you save the gcode for a simple job using a .txt extension and upload here? Curious what that looks like. This will determine if it’s an issue with LB generating gcode to drive the rotary or if the controller is doing something it shouldn’t.

will be home in a couple of hours try it then

OK I am learning. Think this is what you are wanting. Thanks Forum said I had posted to much today Had to wait.

; GRBL device profile, current position
; Bounds: X0 Y0 to X16.15 Y19.82
G00 G17 G40 G21 G54
; Cut @ 5 mm/min, 20% power
G0 X6.578Y0.13
; Layer C01
G1 X0.747Y-0.097S200F5
G1 X0.753Y-0.033
G1 X0.753Y0.033
G1 X0.747Y0.097
G0 X-0.005Y0.002
G1 X0.173Y1.94
G1 X0.158Y1.96
G1 X0.137Y1.958
G1 X0.111Y1.937
G1 X0.03Y1.402
G1 X0.015Y1.41
G1 X-0.014Y1.411
G1 X-0.028Y1.402
G1 X0.015Y0.194
G1 X0.038Y0.235
G1 X0.069Y0.256
G1 X0.106Y0.258
G1 X0.151Y0.238
G1 X0.203Y0.199
G1 X0.124Y0.078
G1 X0.139Y0.061
G1 X0.156Y0.042
G1 X0.173Y0.019
G0 X0.002Y-0.005
G1 X0.092Y-0.137
G1 X0.136Y-0.092
G1 X0.167Y-0.034
G1 X0.167Y0.034
G1 X0.136Y0.091
G1 X0.092Y0.136
G1 X0.034Y0.168
G1 X-0.034Y0.166
G1 X-0.092Y0.137
G1 X-0.136Y0.092
G1 X-0.167Y0.034
G1 X-0.166Y-0.034
G1 X-0.136Y-0.091
G1 X-0.092Y-0.137
G1 X-0.034Y-0.167
G1 X0.033Y-0.166
G0 X-3.148Y-0.268
G1 X-0.017Y0.46
G1 X-0.018Y0.399
G1 X-0.018Y0.337
G1 X-0.02Y0.268
G1 X-0.021Y0.197
G1 X-0.021Y0.121
G1 X-0.022Y0.041
G1 X-0.022Y-0.041
G1 X-0.021Y-0.121
G1 X-0.021Y-0.197
G1 X-0.02Y-0.268
G1 X-0.018Y-0.337
G1 X-0.018Y-0.399
G1 X-0.017Y-0.46
G1 X-0.015Y-0.515
G1 X-0.014Y-0.567
G1 X-0.012Y-0.615
G1 X-0.011Y-0.658
G1 X-0.009Y-0.698
G1 X-0.007Y-0.733
G1 X-0.005Y-0.765
G1 Y-0.792
G1 Y-0.817
G1 Y-0.816
G1 Y-0.792
G1 X0.005Y-0.765
G1 X0.007Y-0.733
G1 X0.009Y-0.698
G1 X0.011Y-0.658
G1 X0.012Y-0.615
G1 X0.014Y-0.567
G1 X0.015Y-0.515
G1 X0.017Y-0.46
G1 X0.018Y-0.399
G1 X0.018Y-0.337
G1 X0.02Y-0.268
G1 X0.021Y-0.197
G1 X0.021Y-0.121
G1 X0.022Y-0.041
G1 X0.022Y0.041
G1 X0.021Y0.121
G1 X0.021Y0.197
G1 X0.02Y0.268
G1 X0.018Y0.337
G1 X0.018Y0.399
G1 X0.017Y0.46
G1 X0.015Y0.515
G1 X0.014Y0.567
G1 X0.012Y0.615
G1 X0.011Y0.658
G1 X0.009Y0.698
G1 X0.007Y0.733
G1 Y0.765
G1 X0.008Y0.792
G1 Y0.816
G1 Y0.817
G1 Y0.792
G1 X-0.008Y0.765
G1 X-0.007Y0.733
G1 X-0.009Y0.698
G1 X-0.011Y0.658
G1 X-0.012Y0.615
G1 X-0.014Y0.567
G1 X-0.015Y0.515
G0 X-3.365Y0.249
G1 X0.178Y-0.011
G1 X0.159Y-0.034
G1 X0.141Y-0.056
G1 X0.125Y-0.075
G1 X0.205Y-0.194
G1 X0.152Y-0.238
G1 X0.105Y-0.258
G1 X0.067Y-0.259
G1 X0.036Y-0.237
G1 X0.015Y-0.194
G1 X-0.028Y-1.402
G1 X-0.015Y-1.411
G1 X0.015Y-1.41
G1 X0.03Y-1.402
G1 X0.111Y-1.937
G1 X0.137Y-1.958
G1 X0.159Y-1.96
G1 X0.173Y-1.94
G0 X-2.194Y14.716
G1 X0.167Y0.034
G1 X0.136Y0.091
G1 X0.092Y0.137
G1 X0.034Y0.167
G1 X-0.033Y0.166
G1 X-0.092Y0.137
G1 X-0.136Y0.092
G1 X-0.168Y0.034
G1 X-0.166Y-0.034
G1 X-0.136Y-0.091
G1 X-0.092Y-0.137
G1 X-0.034Y-0.167
G1 X0.033Y-0.166
G1 X0.092Y-0.137
G1 X0.136Y-0.092
G1 X0.167Y-0.034
G0 X1.612Y-1.296
G1 X-6.001
G1 Y4.834
G1 X0.023Y0.025
G1 X0.068Y0.03
G1 X0.108Y0.035
G1 X0.148Y0.039
G1 X0.182Y0.044
G1 X0.216Y0.047
G1 X0.245Y0.05
G1 X0.271Y0.053
G1 X0.611Y0.114
G1 X0.681Y0.12
G1 X0.729Y0.124
G1 X0.753Y0.124
G1 X0.752Y0.122
G1 X1.411Y0.222
G1 X1.872Y0.285
G1 X1.263Y-0.22
G1 X1.294Y-0.231
G1 X0.73Y-0.132
G1 X0.754Y-0.139
G1 X0.754Y-0.141
G1 X0.73Y-0.14
G1 X0.683Y-0.136
G1 X0.612Y-0.127
G1 X0.272Y-0.059
G1 X0.245Y-0.056
G1 X0.215Y-0.051
G1 X0.183Y-0.047
G1 X0.148Y-0.043
G1 X0.109Y-0.036
G1 X0.068Y-0.031
G1 X0.023Y-0.025
G1 Y-4.654
G1 X-6.001
G1 S0
; return to starting pos
G0 X-10.152Y-13.552