Garbled engraving


I am a total beginner to lightburn. I have recently gota n Atomstack A5. I have been trying to burn the test file to gauge optimal settings etc. I can set t up fine but lightburn seems to not output it correctly. I have tried saving the gcode and then burning it in LaserGRBL, but it still does not work. Then I tried lasergrbl, just by selecting a random image to burn and that software seems to work? But obviously I want to do the test print first to find the best settings=which lasergrbl does not do.

Test pattern in lightburn

Image via lightburn and same image done in LaserGRBL correctly

The garbled LightBurn output suggests it didn’t come from the Official Source or there’s something amiss with the license verification.

If the former, fetch a known-good copy.

If the latter, an email to should straighten things out.


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