Getting Lightburn to work with an Atomstack A5

I’m trying to see if Lightburn will work on the Atomstack A5 I have. I set it up as a GRBL machine, it sees the machine but it says it’s “busy” when I try to test with the machine controls.
What am I missing on operation?

I’ve read several threads that mention adding stops, is that a requirement for the Lightburn to see?

Thank you

No. Not a requirement.

GRBL is correct for your laser.

What OS are you running? I assume a variant of Windows based on your computer type.

Can you confirm that you have a port assigned to the laser in Device Manager? If not, LightBurn won’t work.

Also, confirm that the port detected in Laser window actually correlates to the laser. You may want to use the pulldown and test other available ports.

yes it is windows 10, and the port is seeing the laser and it appears to be communicating. but if i try to get it to just mive an axis it come back with a busy message.

Can you take screenshots of:

  1. Device Manager with port showing for the laser
  2. Full screenshot of LightBurn with Console and Laser windows showing?
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