Getting my software switched to new computer

Hello, I am still waiting for LB to call or reply to my issue with setting up my software. I have a paid license and cannot access it on my new computer and it has been wiped off my old so I cannot uninstall it. PLEASE HELP! Thx, Dave

You can read about how to manage your license here:
Manage your License Activations with the License Portal – LightBurn Software

Normally you’d be able install onto 2 computers. If not, deactivate you license from the older computer using the linked website first.

If you look to the upper right of every page here, you will see our search tool (image) to help you find commonly ask questions.

Here is one of the top responses for your question:

This is worth a read to help with understanding, :slight_smile:

Where did you reach out to us? I am not finding you in our ticket system based on your forum profile information. You should contact us for any license related issues via email to

Deactivation is our issue at Lu’s Bay. We had a computer crash that had a license on it and now we can’t deactivate it. Hence, the reason whey we were needing help from a person at LB to straighten out our licensing issues.

We are going to try the license portal and see what happens! Thank you.

Please let us know if you experience any issues clearing this old computer, we can assist. :slight_smile:

We received our LB Key from Thunder Laser so I have reached out to support to get it assigned to our email. Thanks for the help.

Just looked and made the changes you requested. Please let us know if there are any further issues. :slight_smile: You should now be able to log in using the email you use here.

Thanks, Rick! We will give it a try right now!


What does this mean? “the Token field is required”

Did you turn on 2FA (2-factor authentication) for this Cryptlex site, by chance? If so, I don’t think we can turn it off - if you enabled it, we’d have to delete the user, re-create it, and assign the key to that new user to resolve.

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