Getting no error code

I am trying to engrave an image I have engraved already the other day. Lightburn lets me send the file and when I go to pull it up on the controller it shows the file but not the image of the file, and when I hit start it starts but stops like there is an error but no error message pops up on the controller screen.

Thank you for reporting this. What OS and version of LightBurn? I see you list a Nova 24 which is a Ruida controller, please confirm with the model number for that Ruida (silver sticker on white electronics box inside the cabinet). What firmware is reported when you first power this Nova? You should see it listed in the HMI (Human to Machine Interface) key panel when booting.

Post the LBRN file here, so we can take a look as well. Let’s start with that for now. :slight_smile:

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I actually had someone in another group figure out what was wrong, it was an error on my part that i wasnt aware of. The image was duplicated on top of each other so when i would select it all and send it, it wouldnt work that way… if any of that makes sense? lol but i appreciate you getting back to me!!

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You are welcome. Glad to hear you are sorted. :wink:

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