Getting rid of white backround transfering circular image to lightburn

So I used Inkscape to create a circular image of a photo I would like to engrave on a glass plate. Once I bring the image into Lightburn it turns into a square with white background. is there a proper way to get rid of the white background like my original image? Its making it really hard to align my image on the plate. :frowning:

You need to save it as a PNG with transparency.

Also if you are putting the image onto glass (don’t forget the laser fires on black, so one would usually invert the image.

Wow i would love to laser that pic :slight_smile: i wonder how it would come out
Knowing me not very good :confused:

@LazerArt’s suggestion would work well.

Alternatively if you want to address this from within LightBurn it seems like it would be fairly easy to create a circular shape and use that as mask on the image.

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You could draw a circle the correct size (instead of trace) and apply a mask.

This may work well for you:

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