Getting started with XTool and Light Burn

I just got XTool D1 and the rotary tool, having major problems with the software. What software do I need to get started with Light Burn, what hardware.
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Let’s start with what you mean when you say,

What software? What does “major problems” mean, exactly? Are you being presented any messages or dialog boxes you are not certain how to address? Are you seeing any error messages presented in the console window, or maybe the software stole your keys and went for a joyride? Cheeky I know, but you have offered very little we can use to assist and help you resolve this. :slight_smile:

No additional hardware is required to utilize LightBurn, although you may need to update the firmware of your xTool to have things work as expected.

The following is worth review,

I am trying to work on glass bottles, it is working on the tape that I put over the bottle but nothing on the bottle

Diode lasers generally don’t have enough power to directly mark onto glass - you’ll need to either remove a pre-applied coating, or use special curable coatings to mark onto the glass. I found this video that should give you a good starting point: How to Etch Glass with the xTool D1 10 watt Diode Laser - YouTube

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