Getting vector shapes to fill+line properly (AI> SVG>Lightburn)

I’m creating a vector logo to etch on plywood for a client. I figured out how to get the lines to cut really well. I however am not able to get the fill+line regions to work. In those areas that I would want to fill, the laser/lightburn are filling the lines instead of the space between the lines, then cutting out the same lines. Any idea how to fix this?

Thanks, Ralph! I think you are right on. Increasing the power and speed a bit will help the fuzzy lettering I think.

I was messing around with the fill+line settings in preview mode and I think given how small the logo is (1.5" diam) I need to increase the interval for the fill. It was set at .002mm which is just absolutely tiny. I’m going to give this a try and see how it goes. Hopefully it will work!! Thank you again for the tip on the lettering as well!

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Welcome and thanks for this post. It looks like you have ‘Fill Rendering’ set. We don’t recommend using ‘filled rendering’ for much other than spot-checking your work. LightBurn works best in Wireframe mode, it is much easier to see what you are working with.


Set to 'Wireframe/Smooth and post an updated picture showing the entire LightBurn screen with the logo and I can offer some tips for achieving the look you are after.

This is a good read about how LightBurn uses shape boundaries to start and stop the filling of shapes.

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