Golden Laser 10060 60w

Hello guys quite new to all this and alot of people on other forums talk about getting light burn but here is my predicament

I seem to have a laser that no one seems to know about, I have acquired a golden laser 10060 (yes a Chinese laser that requires a dongle)
no i dont have the dongle but i may be getting the dongle i dont know yet my question
will light burn run the machine if i get the dongle for it, or will i need to completely change the controller.

Im really sorry to say i don’t know what the controller is i tried ti find out but very limited info on line about the machine and even on the machine no identification on the control board to say what it is, that or i missed it.
any information you guys can give me or any help you guys can give me that would be great
sorry for lack of information

You need to tell us what controller it has in it.

A photo (of the electronics/controller) would help, but there’s not much anyone can help you without that information.

You information says ‘Golden Laser 10060 60w/K40’. That seems conflicting, but…?


Doesn’t mention the controller type, but it’s in the what’s usually supplied with a DSP type controller.


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I have a little k40 also lol
yes thats the right machine but as you can see its not very informative and even on the control board its self there is not numbers of data to say what controller it is

You will have to be adventurous and open the electronic bay doors and ‘look inside’ to find the controller.

Take a picture and post it… :slight_smile:

Tad step up from a K40, glad you made the move.


Hope these can give youmore info

That’s one cursed manufacturer.

I know its a right pain in the arse got this massive machine next to me and cant get it to do anything

Not sure, but it might be this controller.

Thats the replacement one you can get by that topsign company dosent actully say what the controller is tho

I guess I read it wrong, looks like it’s saying it’s a Trocen AWC708C…?


Ummm just googled that and looks nothing like that lol

Looks like a good collection of parts!

Just reading the ad, maybe it’s in a different box???

Couldn’t hurt to try…

Does this run any kind of software?

Until you can nail down the controller, I doubt you will have much success. Did you ask the manufacturer about the type of controller?

Never looked at the idVendor/idProduct information from the USB connection of the Ruida. Maybe that will give you a clue…?


Did ask manufactures but being a Chinese make there is difficulty in the conversation and take forever to reply they recently said they will find the software and give me a download link but wether that happens or not is a diffrent matter all together lol

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