Graphic Issue - Complete Fill Issue

The graphic on the left is what I would like and to “fill” it when engraved. I have no issues with the graphic when I bring it to EZCAD and hatch it. When I bring it into Lightburn, fir some reason it fills completely - like the image on the right. I’ve brought many types of graphics over to LB without issue. This one is giving me fits for some reason. Any thoughts?
I have ungrouped, regrouped, opened, and reopened the file. Even restarted LB… I’m at a loss.

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Are you able to post the .lbrn file here?

There is almost certainly a missing circle in this design, allowing the fill to completely fill in the outermost shape. :slight_smile:

The following post explains how shape boundaries toggle the filling of shapes.

I’m not using the .lbrn file, I’m using the .svg. I’ve never had an issue with setting up an svg file. I’m using one right now as I type on a tumbler. Weird…right?

I’m saying .lbrn file because you’re experiencing the issue in LightBurn. If you’re getting this as soon as import then either .lbrn or .svg file would work just as well.


Thanks for sharing

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