Graveur laser totemS

Bonjour a tous j ai un souci avec le nouveau graveur laser totem s twootrees
il fonctionne et il fonctionne avec laser grbl mais ne fonctionne pas avec lightburn et je ne sais pas pourquoi pouvez vous m aider merci

Hello everyone, I have a problem with the new totem s twootrees laser engraver
it works and it works with grbl laser but does not work with lightburn and i dont know why can you help me thanks

We would like to, but you are not providing much on the technical front for us to do so.

We offer the following documentation to all new users to help them get going. After review, let us know, with details, how you are proceeding. We suggest walking through to completion of the Simple Project to get a good feel for the LightBurn basics: LightBurn Software Documentation

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