Grayscale image with Snapmaker v2 A350

I’m trying to replicate this image

Inverted on the left still bizarre burning the white not the black.

I’ve read the other post(s) about setting S-Value currently at 100 and this previous ticket

Thank you for your time.

What is your speed setting in mm/minute?

I see unusual edge effects that lead me to believe that you may not be engraving within range of the capacity of the machine.

The Material Test tool (in Laser Tools) will help you get your black and just-off-black dialed in.

Sorry about the long delay.

Usually around 900-1000mm a min and I have tried higher for some of those engravings. 2000+

I still think that Lightburn and the Snapmaker A350 still can’t process the grayscale correctly.

Can you upload your .lbrn file that you’re using?

And can you confirm that you have configured your device profile for Snapmaker?


My apologies on the delay. I’ve been working on some other things and got distracted.

Here are the files. Apparently my speeds are very high (3000mm/min)

I swore I had some that were slower that worked way better.

first try this one I was toggling the output of the image or the fill FYI
ron-paul-v2-image.lbrn2 (1016.8 KB)

Toggle fill or image and used Pass through
ron-paul-v2-image-Stucki.lbrn2 (1015.6 KB)

Then I went insane on the speed apparently 6000mm/min :sweat_smile: :rofl:
ron-paul-v3-image.lbrn2 (963.6 KB)

I cropped for speed and used Dither at 1100mm/min
ron-paul-square-bw.lbrn2 (617.5 KB)

I tried Jarvis @2700
ron-paul-square-bw3.lbrn2 (708.7 KB)

This one has not been tried and is set for Grayscale never mind the speed it hasn’t been tested
ron-paul-v4-notbad.lbrn2 (4.0 MB)

For some reason on the collar I get burning vs not burning is what I was experiencing.

I also have

I guess I’m not sure I follow what you’re expecting. There is a highlight on the collar which makes it lighter than the surrounding silhouette. Because you are using grayscale in “ron-paul-v2-image.lbrn2” with min power of 6% and max power of 10% it will push the lightest gray to 6% and the darkest gray to 10%. First, that’s not a lot of dynamic range especially when you consider you only have 100 levels of power on the Snapmaker to begin with. You’re effectively working with 5 possible shades.

The reason it’s burning the white is because of the inversion itself. Since the original image is a silhouette, that means with inversion the non-silhouetted portions will be engraved.

If you are going for a true silhouette I suggest you try using “threshold” for the image mode.

Also, can you confirm that your device is configured as Snapmaker by clicking on the Devices button, and then the name of your laser? Device type will show on the bottom of the Devices window.

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