GWEIKE LC1390N Z-axis grinding noise

When I use the Ruida controller to adjust the Z-axis or do an auto-focus, it works fine.

When I use LightBurn to raise or adjust the Z-axis it works fine, but when I try to use LightBurn to do an auto-focus, it doesn’t work and makes a grinding noise instead, almost like the belt motors were encountering some kind of resistance.

Any idea why this would be?

I don’t have firsthand experience with this, but it could be that it is trying to move at a different, faster speed that the Z cannot handle, hence the grinding.

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What do you have as a setting here?


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It was set at 10. I changed it to 1, clicked the Z-axis down button once, then clicked “Focus Z,” and it worked fine, no grinding. Then I changed it back to 10 and tried “Focus Z” again, and now it works, no grinding. Weird. I think I’m good now, though.

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