Hard Drive crash and now Snapmaker will not connect

Hi everyone, I’m not a super noob when it comes to lightburn - but this has me stumped.

I have been using lightburn for a year or so now and my hard drive on my computer just decided to crash forcing me to get a new machine. I re-installed the program and set up my Snapmaker (ensuring the correct Com port with the CH340 driver, and have shut off the door detection on my controller) it says the machine is connected but doesn’t work.

If I do not touch anything on the snapmaker controller then I can get the machine to go “home” from in lightburn - but it will not do anything else. If i tell it to home from the controller - then nothing will work in lightburn.

Please help - I have customers projects that need to get done and I am at a standstill!

Until you can get the USB connection working, you can always export the gcode to the USB drive and run locally, or you can send it to the machine wirelessly to run it.

If you are using the Marlin profile, try swapping to GRBL or GRBL-M3 and see if that helps. If I recall, there was a change in the firmware recently that broke USB connection between the snapmaker and Lightburn.

This is my guide for automatic start over wireless with a drag/drop bat file. This is my preferred method personally, as my machine is far away from my PC.

My internet connection is not stable enough to send it wirelessly. I’ve tried before and it always ends up screwing up my projects.

I will try transferring to the usb stick and running it directly from my machine.

Just extremely frustrated that I can’t get it to work properly.

Ok so somehow I can now get my machine to move from LightBurn controls, but when I send the project - the machine will not move, nor does the laser turn on.