Has anyone managed to get hold of ruida firmware files?

As per the title, really. I’d love to try and have a root around in the firmware, see what optimisations and tweaks can be made. I’ve never found the firmware anywhere, so if someone’s got a copy (and could list the controller it’s for), that’d be fun to have a play with.

Are you talking about the source code or the binary file? Ruida controllers are proprietary so you’re not likely to find source code anywhere.

Binaries are fine - they can always be decompiled. The Chinese aren’t exactly all that hot on copy protection, so a decent decompiler should actually be able to pull some meaningful information from them.

Then you already have them. Just gotta copy the firmware off of the controller.

See, I am not sure as to how to do that. As a rule, firmware (in my experience of it, at least) tends not to be all that easy to pull off of hardware. Especially hardware that you want to keep working with.

they are called something like this: RDC644XG-8.00.53.upd there are few going round in several facebook groups.
Somehow I do not think you can decompile it to something usefull but I do not know if you are a firmware specialist that does things like that for a living.

Whatever you do, please post your findings! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have the firmware for the RD6442S, it is the latest version, I have updated it on one of our production lasers, it works very well. I can load it here on the forum, otherwise send me a PM with your email and I’ll send it to you. (Version 8.01.57)

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Yeah, uploading it on here would probably be a good thing, regardless of whether I can get inside it or not.

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Here is the link to my site where to download in anonymous FTP:

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I’m having no luck downloading that.

The Ruida hardware has an Altera FPGA and a TI DSP chip. Just FYI.


Is there a particular issue you are trying to solve or are you just curious about the firmware?

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Curiosity, mainly. There was a group that got into the firmware of a cnc control system that I almost bought into for my lathe, that reverse engineered the firmware for it. I would like to at least be able to see what’s in there, even if I can’t do anything with it - I’ve never played with fpga programming, avr is about where my skill tops out.

reach the link with Chrome, when it asks you the credentials proceed without entering them, do it twice then select cancel and start the download

Doesn’t work from Chrome. I click the link and nothing happens.

Copy & paste the link in a new tab worked. For whatever reason, the URL is not a hyperlink.

Send me a PM with your email that I send to you


Now everything should be OK, try and let me know