Hat patches keep me busy

Nothing new but got an order for 200 hats yesterday. Pretty easy money, worst part is the amount of the times I glue my fingers together while applying the patch to the hat.


How’s the smell? I’ve done leather and felt a few times and they were nasty.

This stuff is leatherette from JDS, designed for laser… Has no smell, but to answer your question real leather stanks really really bad.

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Hmmm. I wonder what leather I have done then. I thought what I did smelled good actually. Hmmm. :thinking:

I don’t know, any real leather I’ve cut or engraved smelled like I was burning a cow in my garage.

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One gets used to the smell of burned leather :wink:
I don’t consider it stinking anymore… however… I seem to be the only one in the family with this tolerance!

Are you willing to show a final result of the finished caps? I am curious how the patches look like glued on.

I want to do more real leather, but I just can’t get the settings correct. When I cut it I end up just burning the edges so very bad. I do these leatherette ones all the time, a friend of mine has a local clothing store he sells hats in. I do all of his patches.

Uploading: 20200809_164751.jpg…


Very impressive i looked to buy some plain patches but they were a bit expensive. Do you have a good suppliers name?

That leatherette comes from JDS, but you have to have a tax ID, I don’t but I can buy through the guy I do them from.


Thanks Josh i ill check it out.

I also got a JDS account just for this reason.
But don’t they let loose quickly? when glued I mean.

Sewing is the best option of course but glueing can be a great alternative option.
(I cut and engrave leather all the time btw)

If I could sew them I would but I don’t have anything to do it with. The glue I wish is very strong adhesive, very seldom do I have any come off.

What glue are you using ?

I use Instantbond, there are several on the market like it, but I tend to use this because I’ve had no problems with it.

Ok thanks. I’ve got plenty of CA glue and activator. I didn’t know if that would hold

I don’t use the activator on them, just a just a good covering on the patch and hold it on there for a few. Just be careful if you flood the patch or will bleed put the sides and will make it look bad.

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Ok thanks! Another option I heard from a guy that makes hat patches is to use a heat transfer tape and press. https://www.madeirausa.com/4220-19-10-e-zee-heat-seal-5ml.html

Yes that is an option, but then I’d have to buy a hat press… This saves a few bucks and probably just as fast.

I’m with you. I do so many other things that I really don’t want to buy a hat press since I’ll just be doing hats every now and then. I’m gonna try the CA glue method. Thanks for sharing!

For leather you have to do ONE pass at a higher power that just cut through and plenty of air. Of course you need a good exhaust.