Have a bug with the new version of Lightburn...color palet disappears

O.K…not going to search every thread for this if anyone else has seen this…I do not see one real QUICK though
So what happens is when LB opens the control screen is as it was but…as soon as I click on or choose a shape on the works pace the…the worspace grows just a tad and the color palet for choosing the colors assigned to your layers…drops off the bottom as does anything in the lower right part of the screen on control panel.
I cannot resize theworkspace…minimizing the workspace does not help. I have to close out LB and restart…but really that is no good as even then the same thing happens so…I can no longer assign colors to layers which is uber bad for me.
My screen res is 1920x1080 and i never had this issue before…?

I searched for “color pal” and got some useful links:


I had already tried this but once you start a job it drops off screen…again the worspace suddenly enlrages maybe down like 10% and everything drops off the bottom and is gone. Can’t resize…can’t minimize to then drag with arrows…oh I can minimize but no ability to resize. Won’t come back unless I restart the program.
Actuallcan I have the previous version two revs ago…thatw as stable…this one is not I have other issues with it just shutting down as well…not happy…not happy at all!!!

Well that’s not good, let’s see if we can work together to address the original post. Then we can move to resolve the “other issues” once we know what they are.

You didn’t provide much to work from. I clicked on your profile in hopes of learning what your setup is…

Please share here as well.

I am trying to finish some laser runs so short on time. It is a 50 watt chinese laser…common build everyone has. Ruida controller…do not memorize the model but the most common one again that comes on these 50-60 watt lasers. Running windows 10…
It mostly happnes as soon as you hit start…the whole LB screen enlrages down…not up…not sideways…just down and everything at the bottom…poof gone below screen. No way to get it back…can’t adjust the LB screen with arrows or dragging or magic unicorn dust. Have to restart to program again.
Twice it just closed out while working on a design.
I upgraded from two versions ago and never ever did LB ever giver me fits…ever.

If clicking a shape expands the view, it likely means you have the “shape properties” window stacked along the right side. That window expands to show the list of properties on the selected shape, which in turn pushes the palette off the bottom. If you drag that window over the cuts or laser window so it tabs in behind them, this won’t happen. Try that and let me know if that’s better.

If the software crashes it should give you a box with some information for me and instructions for you to pass it along. If you screen shot the crash I can usually find and fix them quickly.