Have you ever considered adding nesting capability to Lightburn?

Hi @LightBurn,

I know there are many wants by our community and I am aware of the voting site for those wants being placed on a development schedule according to the need.

My question is? Have the developers considered adding a nesting feature within Lightburn to optimize materials for production I.e. nesting

Like this https://deepnest.io/ it’s open source.



Duhh… I feel stupid, I even upvoted for it but forgot about all about it.

I feel it’s a great add on to this amazing software. A great device to save users money on materials.

154 votes as of this writing. Anyone else want this feature

Go and VOTE

It’s on the list, but’s complicated as hell to do, and harder to do well. Deepnest, for example, just runs until you stop it, and it’s written mostly in Java with the speed critical bits written in C++, but heavily using a set of libraries that would add about 150mb to LightBurn if I used them too. It needs a total rewrite.

If I can find a week where no one talks to me, we might get it. :slight_smile:

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Everyone stop bothering OZ, :rofl:

Thank you

I tried Deepnest. it was fun seeing it in action and doing the dirty work for me, but then i found out that i can do better myself :). really, i gave it enough time to solve a given puzzle ( i cut shapes to fit in my small laser bed) but even though it came up with some nice solutions i managed to pack the shapes even better. can’t say, retrospectively, that i would have managed better without seeing the solutions Deepnest came up with, but the solution i reached is not like tightening the gaps, but a different solution altogether. can’t say i will do better with many small crazy stuff, but for bigger parts we humans can still contribute and win.

I still want the feature and I know @LightBurn will outshine the other. I can tell just from his analysis above.


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