Having Trouble Connecting Device

I have a second hand Red/Black Laser. I down loaded LB and tried to set up my device. I couldnt get it to connect. I connected the USB directly to the controller bypassing the plug and it connected. I was able to cut a couple things. I shut everything down and after reopening I can no longer connect. It sees the USB, but I cannot connect anymore I have a Ruida Controller

TIA Derek

Have you tried connecting using RDWorks? Also check that you are using a known good USB cable not exceeding 5 meters, unless using an active cable. Inspect and reseat each end.

This is worth review as well.

Thanks for the reply, I havnt tried RD works, is that a different software? The cord is about 4’ long. If i plug in the computer sees it but it doesnt say Ready, so i unplug and plug in numerous times before it will connect

Also tried to change those setting and was able to get into both of those, but couldnt find what i needed. Im sure they are there but I didnt see it

Did you install the driver at the end of the LightBurn installation?

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