Head mounted camera option

Hi all, I seem to be missing the option for Head Mounted Camera in my laser tools menu. I have 1.2.00 and 1.2.01 installed on different machines and it is not present on either. Does anyone know where I can enable the feature?

I don’t believe there’s a separate menu item. You open the normal camera alignment process and then choose from there what type of camera you have.

Thank you! I was going off of old info I guess. Off to play with this now. Thanks again.

Yeah, I recall it being separate at one point. Don’t recall when it was merged.

Let us know how you fare. Not many folks using head mounted cameras from what I’ve seen.

This is the first I’ve seen about a camera mounted on the laser head. Is there a summary of this capability? I’ve posted a feature request to the appropriate location based on using such a camera as a digitizer. A synopsis of this camera would be helpful.

I haven’t seen a large writeup about this but this forum Topic should give you an idea of what this is:

Will do, camera is supposed to be here this weekend.