Head moves but laser doesnt fire

Hi! Been using LightBurn with my 50W CO2 lase successfuly.
Last week I moved it to another city and installed LightBurn in a new computer there.
Manual fire works as I have done calibration.

But now from LightBurn, when I click Start, it moves all the way but with no laser fire.
I’m checking miliamp meter and it doesn’t even move.
I think it’s a slftwre issue, but don’t know where to look.
Any help?


Thanks for the post, but we are going to need to know a bit more before we can offer definitive solutions.

A statement such as “…it moves all the way but with no laser fire.” is very general and does not really tell us what is or is not happening. The details matter here. :slight_smile:

Thanks, you are right. I forgot there are multiple possibilities.
Chinese 50w machine with cohesion 3d mini and smoothie firmware.
Using latest version of LB

If I draw a circle and send it to burn as line,it does move as should but no laser is firing.
Doesn’t look like a hardware issue but can’t imagine the problem.
If you need more data just ask.
Thank you

You would probably be best off posting to the C3D Forum with this question, there is information on the C3D Knowledgebase about how to run test commands to see if the board fires the laser, and if not, then to investigate the wiring and machine hardware.

Thank you, guys.
Problem was I was using the wrong LB version and didn’t realise.
I was using DSP version with Gcode board :roll_eyes:

That isn’t a problem. The DSP version supports all GCode devices. If you had selected a DSP device instead of the Smoothie driver, the board simply wouldn’t move.

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