Hello fire button doesnt work

Hello all
I activated the fire button in settings,but it doesnt work.
I have an licentie for the software
Tried anything ,not an problem with the laser.
Because in gbrl it works
Regards Rob

Did you try restarting LightBurn? :wink: After you turn the ‘Enable laser Fire button’ On, you have to restart LightBurn to have that take effect. You should then see the button.

Or are you saying you can “see” the button, but nothing appears to happen when pressed? Can you please confirm?

I had this problem as well …
Then I noticed the power was at 0.00%…
Clicked it up a little and there it was…

Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 7.21.42 PM

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I’m curious why you would want to use the Fire Button on a CO2 laser? On a diode laser it’s adjusted to a low power level to not burn but the visible light LED laser now shows exactly where the project will burn but CO2 is UV and not visible to the human eye.

My CO2 laser has a button on the control panel to turn on/off the laser manually.

Actually he did not say what kind of laser he has… Or did I miss that?

click on the user icon and you’ll see what he stated a 40W laser. There are no 40W diode based laser engravers. And even the ones called 20W are in reality only 5W diodes. So he must have a 40W CO2 laser tube based machine or he created his profile incorrectly.

Yes i have the button

@DougL makes a good point.

What laser system and motion control system are you using @Robwestland?

I consider a 40 Watt statement also as a CO2 laser, although it is an inflammatory topic for many diode laser people, but there are no 40 or 30 Watt diodes in the private or soho markets.

I have an diode laser and using lightburn with license

Thank you for updating us. Did you try to increase the power of that button as @WilliamF shows above? What happens when you do this? Please provide as much detail as possible.

Ty and yes i did that in all steps till 5%

and…? You do not say what did or did not happen. You are making this harder than required. :slight_smile:

As a general reminder…

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