Help getting started: Mac & Atomstack A5 Pro

I have a Atomstack A5 Pro and am on Mac OS Mojave. I watched the tutorials for setting up the file in Lightburn but I don’t know anything about laser engraving or burning. I’m trying to do basic engraving on cutting boards and make keychains from thick plastic. I’m essentially trying to not burn my house down.


Start with learning a powerscale and how your machine works with layers is where I’d start.

Be careful, lots of plastic are highly toxic, and acrylic is hard to cut with a diode laser. Black and red acrylic burn OK for the beginner.

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Hello, I’m also using a mac book (air) w/ an Atomstack A5 Pro. I’m having driver issues. Can you help? It sees cu.usbserial-1410 but is not communicating. Anything is appreciated.

We all start somewhere, so you are fine, and we can help. I might suggest you take a look at this and complete our Simple Project, to get a feel for LightBurn and its controls. Beginner Walkthrough - LightBurn Software Documentation :slight_smile:

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Most likely need to install the required driver. Connection Issues - LightBurn Software Documentation (2nd Line) :slight_smile:

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