HELP! Laser Wont burn

hi, I hate that my first post is a post that shows i’m at my whits end and am a complete newbie. I just bought an Ortur 15W after seeing reviews that its a great beginning laser and is fun to play with especially lightburn. After playing around with lightburn I finally have figured out how to run a design on my laser. I press start and the laser runs the program but laser will not burn through any thing, almost like it has 0 power although set to 100%. Please help before i throw this laser & hobby away.


Gosh - where to start?

  • What are you trying to engrave?
  • What settings did you use (speed, power, etc)?
  • Have you focused properly?
  • What material are you trying to burn? (was it white?)

i am just trying to get my laser to do something…anything… i currently am on top of a piece of cardboard. my speed is set to 12 in/minute 100% power. i have narrowed my laser focus beam as much as possible.

There’s a firmware update thread for the Ortur here: Ortur Laser Master and Laser Master 2 Firmware Updates 1.34

Do the update (look for the post with the 000 and 134 firmwares, and do both). This fixes an issue they had with power not being regulated properly and might solve your issue.

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