Help: Lightburn not recognizing my red and black chinese laser w ruida on Mac OS

I have a black and red laser with Ruida controller and I am having issues getting lightburn to find it in the set up.

I am trying via ethernet. I am on MAC OS high sierra. Latest version of lightburn.

Turn off your Bluetooth headphones (or disable Bluetooth completely) during the scan. You can turn it back on when it’s finished, but Bluetooth devices were causing trouble because they show up as serial ports.

The next release should fix this permanently - I think we’ve finally sorted how to filter them out.

Will give this a try.

Thank you for the speedy reply.

That didnt work…But I did notice the machine says LAN ON, when ethernet is plugged in.

Sorry, I missed that bit about LAN connection. Auto-find only works on USB so you will need to configure the LAN setup manually. Take a look at the following and let us know how you get on.

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