Help me select a new controller board

I have an Atomstack 5 pro plus+ that the board no longer is recognizing the y limit switch at the board level. (Even jumped at the board it doesn’t register).

So finally an excuse.

It has 42bygh3 motors and the controllers are A4938 v2.0 the unit is 12v including the laser

I am looking for wireless and with a display

currently wondering if the MKSDLC32 is the right choice

It has been so long since I have had my controller open on my A5 pro+ but I think I remember it has an Y2 port, have you tried this if it has, it may be just the Y1 that is fried.

it does have a y2 port but its the y signal port that the limit switch pluggs into that did the goofy. if I don’t use the limit switch and auto home it works like it did before. o time for new controller in my mind.

oops I just reread your message I missed that it was limit switch the first time I read it, have you tried flipping it between Normally Open and Normally Closed just to see if that might be the issue ?

it was working fine until last night the switch tests fine all the wat through the harness to the board and then at the pinout it tests there but the board isn’t seeing the input. I even jumped it at the board and lgrbl or lightburn don’t see it so something with the circuit

If it goes through a drag chain or moves in any way it could be a broken wire, bad connection on the board or about most anything.

It’s rather rare, so I’d use a voltmeter and check continuity. If all good, then power it up and look at the voltages going into the board for the limits.

If you can fix it, you can save the cost of a new board.

Good luck


Signal gets to board perfectly just not sent to the computer so problem with the board

I have tested cables that test ok but the problem is that they are not making a good connection to the pins on the board, trying it on the X socket may show it up.

i tried moving the plug between both axis and tested the loom and switch for continuity and it worked fine. just a weird problem with the control board. It gave me an excuse to move to another board. hopefully it turns out well as if it does Ill move it to my other units and have some sort of standardization LOL I have a wainlux, aufero, atom stack and a self-built (that I did 10+ yrs ago) no to mention a 4040 cnc router I could adapt it to also

I like the idea of standardising them, but knowing my luck I will find a bug in the firmware that is yet to be fixed.

wow another one with just my luck. Or you find one that has everything you want/need, and the build quality is crap so you can’t get 2 to work the same LOL

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Anybody have the graphic that is referred to in this missing picture this is from the documentation wiki from the Makerbase-mks Makerbase-mks

About air assist and cold water assist

  • Both air and cold water assist use SCL pins as signal control pins.Hardware wiring please refer to:Hardware Wiring1 ( M7/M8——>>Pin SCL outputs high level 3.3V; M9M7/M8——>>Pin SCL outputs low level 0V )And select mosfet switch module according to signal pin SCL output voltage

I’ve used MKSDLC32 on my K40 modified with z-axis and air-assist. It’s work fine… Now i’ve assembled a new laser CO2 (80w) with a Ruida Controller 6445.
The MKSDLC32 is wifi, but I haven’t use this future at all…

If you can, wire the Ruida into your lan. It’s much more dependable through Ethernet and no drivers to mess with.

I have an old wifi bridge, works, but not as good as the Lightburn Bridge…


I’ve tested lightburn bridge with a Rpi4… the problem is the camera… work in progress…