Help new to light burn

Hi new to software been reading a lot just started using x carve to run lightburn worked yesterday but needed to adjust focus now it does not burn anything what did I do wrong

Welcome and this might feel like a punt, but based on what you have provided, I don’t know. Please take a look at this to help you understand what to provide so we can offer you the best possible responses.

j tech photonics 2.8 watt ,dell Inspiron 1764,windows 7 home premium,light burn 0.9.11 ,x controller from x carve was running yesterday and needed to adjust focus thought i did it according to directions but it is not burning anything at all

Thank you for that. Can you connect to the laser with LightBurn? If yes, what is reported in the ‘Console’ window when you do so?

When you say, “…i did it according to directions…”, please share who’s directions you reference.

We have seen a version of GRBL that ships with the XCarve reset itself to “factory settings” instead of retaining the state like other versions of GRBL. If this is the case, you’d need to re-run the “set for laser” macro when you reset it.

Thank you for your reply and time turn lightburn off and restarted and it is working ok now operator error !

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