Help to fix my laser atomstack

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Hello, My name is Jose and I need help, my problem was I try my roller R3 to work, I have a atomstack and I didn’t found the way how to work, the problem now is that I try to return to engrave and use it normally but I think I change the setting, because my laser now they don’t recognize the homing and don’t want to go where I supposed to engrave, I’m sending a photo that say the error, I don’t know how to fix it, if someone can Help me please, and thank you, I think I can send the photo, but I going to write what it said.

Homing fail.Could not find limit switch within search distance. Defined as 1.5* max_travel on search and 5* pullout on locate phases.
Grbl 1.1h[‘$’ for help]
[MSG:Check limits]
[MSG:‘$H’I’$X’to unlock]
[MSG:Caution: Unlocked]

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