Help with burning a logo

Hi all.
I am trying to burn a logo for someone on to faux leather and i can’t seem to get the image the way i would like it.
i would like to make the scratch marks in the back ground less visible so the text stands out.
I can’t use the boolen tools to weld it or make the text cut through the back ground.

Any help would be great


If you can use the “Edit Nodes” tools to separate the scratch marks into a separate layer, you could do a fill and make it cross-hatch. That would make it look light in contrast to the solid letters.

Ensure this is a laserable material… Some of these have vinyl incorporated in the manufacturing. Produces chloride gas when combusted.

If you are using trace image, you can use it more than once putting results on different layers…

Good luck


Thank you
It is laserable lether book from Rowmark

I am not using trace image ihave designed it from scratch but i might give node edditing a try thank you

Thankyou will definitely give it a try

If it’s not something secret or proprietary, you should post it and let some of the people here help you figure out how to fix it…

Good luck


Do you mean post the file

Yes, if you don’t mind…

You can drag and drop it on the reply window or use the upload icondownload-icon-backgroundin the tool bar.


fox logolb.lbrn2 (110.4 KB)
Thankyou very much for your help

Just ungroup and put it on a different layer.

Is this what you want?

If you don’t mind, drop the .lbrn2 project file here for them :pray:


Probably easier to explain if this is what he wants.
Ungroup, separate, make marks a separate layer. Make duplicates. Put lettering back. Select each, marks last. Go to tools Boolean assistant choose subtract B-A. Put duplicates back in place.

Thanks for all the help i want the wordings to stand out from the marks i tried boolean assistant and could not get the result i wanted

Like how?

I don’t know what you have in mind… with everything separated you can apply what you want to any of them…


Sorry my computer is temperamental. Crashes when trying to save project. Try selecting letter then mark and subtracting one at a time.

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Is this what you want the mark to be? Then I think you can do an offset on mark to put unfilled space between mark and letters to make them stand out.

Yes exactly thankyou very much

How did you do it