Help with connection problem

I moved my laser engraver from my house to my workshop, which has a different computer. Lightburn won’t connect on the new computer. When I select the only available com port, it just says “port open, waiting”. It connects fine on my home computer. The controller is a 3 axis/ laser grbl controller from Sainsmart. Lightburn is installed and registered on the workshop computer. I suspect it is some setting I don’t know about or a conflict with the com port. There is no internet at the workshop, but I don’t think that should cause the problem. I have verified the controller is still good. Any help would be appreciated.

You need to have your computer connected to the internet unless you have an Off-Line Activation for this computer. To ensure you have the same LightBurn configuration on both systems,

On the source machine:

File > Open prefs folder.
Close LightBurn
Copy the prefs.ini file somewhere

On the target machine:

File > Open prefs folder
Close LightBurn
Copy the backed-up prefs.ini file over the existing one

It’s important on the target machine to close the software before you copy over the prefs, as they are written on shutdown (window placement, etc)

You can export the profile that is working, then import that on the new computer. For the Library files, copy the .CLB and .LBART files you want to transfer. I would also look to duplicate the fonts installed on the old system as well to ensure all previous files work as expected.

Try that and let us know how you get on. :slight_smile:

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