Help with images

Hi all, I am having some issues with setting up images in general to engrave on various material.

What I would like is some video or tutorial that basically starts me from scratch. I do have Photoshop, to use but not CorelDraw, so any suggestions for software would also be helpful. Also I use Mac not Windows

Here is an image I would like to engrave on timber, possibly thin ply with a light timber top layer.


There’s a topic here that’s a good starting point for understanding the settings and how they work:

There’s a link at the bottom of that topic to a thread Travis posted with some results, and if you look for his name, there are other topics posted from him that have image tests for helping to dial in your DPI settings. The DPI is the hard one - after you have that, power and speed are not too bad to home in on.

Thanks for the fast reply @LightBurn, that is great, it will get me on my way and then of course it will be a lot of testing and tweaking :slight_smile:


This may help;

The thread is about a plugin but the video that is linked is just about general image editing for laser use.
Gimp is free for mac but also quite similar in use to photoshop.


Just want to add to the subject of Gimp, it’s free for PC as well. I think it’s just free in general :wink: