Help with Mac issues

My MacBook recently crashed so I used my new code on my older iMac and the laser is not acting right when I use commands from Lightburn, it also doesn’t find my ruida 6445 so I have to manually find it. Is there some settings I am missing? I’m running macOS high Sierra 10.13.6 and Lightburn works like it should but when I send a command to the laser it goes crazy, for instance I will tell it to cut a 5x5 square and when I frame it the laser head goes to home, then to center of the honeycomb, then back to origin, then frames the project, then returns to home. It always worked perfect on my MacBook, any ideas what I need to change?

How are you connected to the machine? MacOS and the USB driver used by the Ruida controller are known not to play nice together, so we generally recommend using an Ethernet adapter and wired network connection from the Mac to the laser.

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Yes, I’m using USB connection and I had no problem from my MacBook but there’s definitely a communication problem from my desktop. Do you have a link to the instructions on how to connect via Ethernet?

I think there are specific versions of MacOS that don’t have the issue, and some that do, and it might also depend on whether you’ve installed the FTDI driver on the Mac or not. Basically the FTDI driver (used to talk to the USB communication chip in the Ruida controller) “fights with” a generic USB/serial driver that Apple includes. After you’ve used the device once, it will lock out the port and not unlock it until the machine is reset. It’s a pain in the butt.

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