Help with new rotary on trocen awc 708s

I know it’s been discussed in the past and I’ve read a few posts but can’t seem to get it.
I have a red/ black 100watt with trocen AWC 708S controller.
My new rotary is the 4 wheel type with 67mm wheels.
The stepper is a nema 23 - 200 steps per rev.

Get that I need to set the numbers in the controller display rather than lightburn, but I’ve tried and just can’t see tort it by trial and error.
Can someone provide a calc they used successfully?
I’ve seen posts from 2019 which indicated LB is going to be updated to allow Trocen owners to adjust the settings in the lightburn interface, but I assume it’s not happened yet?

It will never be supported for the 608 or 708 series - Trocen isn’t going to update the firmware to allow it. Their newer models, 7813 and 7824, should support this once we get the changes into LightBurn to manage it.

Just my luck lol.
I’ll keep messing with this till I get it right then :grin::grin:

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