Hi friends help me please

I need ezcad2.15.6 version software, thank you to all my friends who will help me in advance

Seeing that the official EZCAD download site only goes up to 2.14.11 and the obvious search doesn’t return anything, the question is: what is special about that version number?

Windows 64 bit driver ok software problem help me full EZCAD2 software test demo.

Board picture clone board

Hello Newcomer,

I see that you’re struggling with your new hardware.
This may be worth review.

help me plese

window7 64bit

I am here to help. Please tell me more about your Mactron laser and if you have been successful with EZcad2 on your Windows 7 64bit computer.

If the software on the Clone board is bad you might not be able to reflash it.

Please click the link in my previous reply, “How To Ask For Help”. It offers a step-by-step approach to asking questions in an information-rich way that helps you get to your answer.

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