Ho to Install AIr Assist to NEJE Master 2S Plus

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I have the NEJE Master 2S Plus. I received the NEJE MF6 Manual Control Air Assist Kit for NEJE laser module-1.5mpa kit from NEJE & there are no instructions. I had someone 3D print the corresponding installation parts, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how all of this attaches to the LASER module. I’ve searched online, including YouTube, but can’t locate the answer. I’ve attached a pic of the kit. Can anyone help?

If you have downloaded and printed the air assist from neje wiki page there are a couple of picts that show you how install
Now i’m at work, later i take a pict of my installation and will show you. It’s not so difficult

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You will probably have to bend the metal air tube a bit to direct the air down to the focus point. You will need a tube bender to do this (a coil spring that fits around the tube and keeps the tubing from kinking and breaking).
Something like this:

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Your Neje kit installation should look something like this…

and the following video has installation instructions starting at about the 8:00 minute mark…

An alternative if you have the Neje 30W or 40W laser head with the amber/red window is my air-assist nozzle design seen in action here…

You would print the appropriate nozzle (the 30W and 40W versions are slightly different) from here and replace the amber/red window on the laser module with the printed part. Plug in the end of your air hose from your kit. Use the valve (and coupler if needed) and hose… you wouldn’t need the metal needle or small printed bracket pieces.

– David


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