Hola buenas tardes soy nuevo (Hello, good afternoon, I'm new.)

mi pregunta se puede utlisar laser burn para una maquina xtool1 y quisiera saber que costo tiene la licencia y si solo se pago una sola vez o hay que pagar cada ano

my question can laser burn be used for an xtool1 machine and I would like to know how much the license costs and if it is only paid once or has to be paid every year

Hello new friend,

The Xtool D1 machine works with LightBurn. Can you confirm the model number of your machine?

You will need the g-code licence for your LightBurn to run the diode laser engravers like the Xtool D1.

If you buy the Licence for LightBurn the version you have will work without end. You can make use of any updates issued within your paid year. After the paid year expires the new updates issued after that will not work for you. Renewing (the following year) will allow you to use new updates again - this is available at a discount.


this may also help.

Here are the details: :slight_smile:

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