Homing Position

Hi, I’m running Cohesion 3d board on a k40 configured work area to A4 size (x297 x y210) as that is what material I always use. Grid shows out correct size but when it homes it shows coordinates as being y200 it thinks there is 10mm behind which there is not.

when it homes it says I am at y200 not y210?

so any thing I try to cut From top 10mm of a4 sheet it won’t go there. How do I get it to recognise it is at y210 not y200?

Where are your end stops located?
On my K40, they are on the left side at the top.

Same top left

… then your settings are not as they should be.

Thanks for getting back to me, changed settings it still thinks there is 10mm behind homing position?

I hope someone shows up who knows more about C3D boards, I know too little about these controllers, sorry

I have the RCD6442G Controller, and I have a similar problem me THINKS? This only happens with Lightburn…When I use RDWorks, it seems just fine…Puzzling to me. I really want to Use, Learn and understand the Lightburn product. When I turn on the machine, the Controller always shows that I have 10,000 on the X axis and 0 on the Y axis. So in order to use lightburn, I Always have to use the X or XY Axis reset key on the control board. If I forget to do this, I use the Homing Button and the head slams and jams into the side bypassing the limiter switch. In Lightburn, the X axis shows a high number in the 370-380 range and Y at Zero. If I open RD Works, the homing button automatically clears both X & Y axis to 0 for the origin

Hi James,

I figured it out for mine I use a cohesion3d controller. I have to set the bed size in the cohesion file then lightburn read it correctly hope this helps you figure it out. I have no experience with ruida unfortunately maybe somebody else can help. Do you have a configuration file for ruida if you do my guess is its in there.0

@Jrsanders69, you have a Ruida and everyone else in this thread is talking about GCode based systems.

For your situation, sounds like you do not have the Device Origin set correctly in LightBurn for your Ruida system. In almost all cases, it should be set to the back-right.

My apologies for posting on the Gcode thread. I posted the same concern in the Lightburn software area and never seen any replies to it, but then I seen something that resembled my concern. Anyway, I have attached an image of my Ruida Device basic settings. Does this look right?

Yes, those look fine. I went back and read your post again. I am now very confused.

Please clarify what “the Controller always shows” means, exactly. Where are you seeing this information, the HMI Display Panel? If this is the case, you might want to correct that first :slight_smile: The “normal” standard configuration should home and present X,0 Y,0.

Sorry, but not following this as well. 370-380 what? What has a range? What does this mean?

FWIW, not all Ruida machines home to right rear. My 80w red&black w/6442 homes left rear. What corner does yours go to when you first turn it on and it finds home?

Good point @Hank. To be fair, I did say “In almost all cases,…”, but yes, I should have asked. :slight_smile:

Top right. Both limiter switches are on the right.

Also, everything is grayed out in diagnosis. If this helps.!Nothing Red Nothing happens when the read button is entered on.

This is worth review, Configuring a Ruida - LightBurn Software Documentation , and I might check with your supplier to ensure you have the configuration set correctly.

The thing that puzzles me is that when I use the RDWorks, I can open it and turn on the machine and home it. Everything works. After homing on RDWorks, all of the numbers change to zero. X & Y both change to zero. :roll_eyes: I have looked at the suggested link multiple times, but thanks for the help.

I’m not sure, but thank you for the input and consideration. Greatly appreciated.

X of 10000 means that the controller wasn’t able to home the X axis. 10000 is the “I have no idea where I am” number. If you power up the machine, it should home, and zero the axis - you don’t have to have RDWorks or LightBurn connected for this to happen - it’s entirely handled by the machine itself. What does your machine do when powered up? Do those numbers zero?

It’s possible that you just have RDWorks configured to use “current position” mode, which will work regardless. LightBurn would work in that mode as well, even if the machine weren’t homed. Absolute Coords and User Origin both require the machine is properly homed.