Homing wainlux jl3 problem

Thank Jack , i will have a second look .
But i believe it is something that has to do with the machine.
Yes it is new but ; when i got it instalped it would home automaticly but when i wanted to engrave the machine just went out bound one way on the Y .
So i got it with a faulty driverboard and deside to get a grbl driverboard on it.

I read something on github about the same problem
Same machine wainlux jl3.

Anyway thanks for your help so far.

In the edit menu if the machine is Homing, to top left as Wainlux Jl3 lasers are set up with limit switches, you have to set the maximum $130 $131 maximum machine travel to be within the physical limits of the machine. this sets the soft limits, as well as device setting when setting up the software. this sets the soft limits of the workspace.
I had exactly the same board when I has a JL3 the board supplied was duff, and I purchased the Same Annoy board I found reinstalling the firmware using laser GRBL using the latest version solved a lot of issues.
After homing set the position of the laser using
G92 X0Y0 and check with get position then using move check your soft limits with Move to position 1 axis at a time until it reaches the opposite without colliding with the frame. and adjust the Max travel in Edit machine settings settings as to the distance obtained with no collisions.

The offline controller will not work correctly with the USB connected, it conflicts, it is mainly used for a data card to have the G code saved on it, and then run from the offline controller.

Hey Paul ,
I will look into this .
And hope i can figure it out because im a newbie in grbl and laser’s.

About the offline controller , i already figured out that there is a communication drop when installed .
So that board is collecting dust :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

I should have the latest version as far as i know it is : grbl v 1.1f

I will have a go on the coding part , if not succesfull can you please help me out with that ?
Big thx in advance .:+1:

Sure no problem Let me know how you get on, and i will do my best to help out.

Generally (99%) the issue is it’s configured incorrectly. When it ‘goes the wrong way’ you have a configuration issue. This stuff, although pretty cheap, is pretty dependable.

I’d suggest you use the ‘Edit → Machine Settings’ in Lightburn to change this, along with save the configuration of the original and modification along the way.

It is much more clear than $130=…


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