Hook-up For a MKS DLC v2.0 Board

are you able to home the machine at startup and in what conner does your machine homes to

and when you are framing are you using current position or absolute coordinate

because my machine use to home on the top left corner but since i updated lightburn i wasn’t able to use the work table offset in my case was G10 L2 P1 X 0 Y -400 . i don’t know why it wouldn’t set my new zero point so when i home the machine after a wouldn’t be able to move the laser down from the top left corner and if i didn’t home it then lighburn will set my 0,0 position where ever the laser head was when I turn on the machine. so my fix was to move the Y axis endstop to the bottom left so now the machine homes on the bottom left corner that’s where lightburn likes the homing to be new 0,0 position

Thank you for the response, I’ll have to look at that tomorrow. It homes in the back left corner when it come to either absolute coordinates or current position I am not sure.

Julio, could you upload your configuration indicating the drivers you use: a4988, tmc22xx, drv8825?

although I have everything fine (I think) I would like to have a reference.
Thank you

Sorry Julio,
I have been taking the laser apart due to some slight issues with the electrical components, but as I remember it was exactly what you said for the homing sequence. I should hopefully get things back up this weekend if I do I’ll share a screen shot or two of what I am seeing along with a picture of the machine if you are interested.

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