Horizontal line

First off. I’m super grateful for this forum. Thanks for all who contribute to it.

I’ve been using my new Ortur Laser Master 2 for the last week with no issues… and just now it started acting up… in that it is creating random horizontal lines throughout each each of my projects. Lines which do not appear anywhere on the original design. And just recently I went to cut a simple square single pass and all it did was run one horizontal line back and forth multiple times… longer than the width of the square.

Any thoughts on how to remedy this?

Was there anything that seemed to trigger it? (poking around in the settings, turning on rotary mode, power failure… ?)

This doesn’t sound like any of the normal “everything went wrong” posts, so unless something messed up your settings I can’t think of why it would do this. Was the simple square set to run as a fill? (that would make it run side to side, seemingly in place).

Ah Yes. Total rookie move on my part. I did not switch from fill to line. That was the issue. Thank you!

I’m having this issue as well.
It was working great and burning the image perfectly.
I didn’t change anything and then it just started burning a solid rectangle…

Any thoughts?

The original poster says his issue is that random lines were appearing in his output. This is your issue as well?

When you say it was burning “the image” perfectly, what image? Can you show a photo of the output and where it changed?

Was their any resolution to the random horizontal lines issue here??
Thanks for any suggestions.

The original poster had a completely different machine than yours (small diode using GRBL vs AWC-708/100w). What issue are you having, and can you show pictures?

We are having this same issue. We have been engraving handwriting into wood and things have been working fine then it started just doing horizontal lines in the middle of the job. The machine frames the project just fine. Here is a photo.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

Check that the Y axis motor wiring isn’t loose. If the Y motors stopped turning, all the scanned lines would end up on top of each other. This could also be the laser driver board failing - if that happens, sometimes they just leave the beam on all the time.

Thanks for your help and suggestions. I will be going over to my daughters house later this week and I’ll let you know how it goes.