How do I create a negative of an svg file

I converted an image I drew to an svg file. I engraved it on wood and looks great, but I want to engrave it on glass, and I want to engrave the negative of the image. Not sure how to do it bcs it doesn’t give the option during set up like an image normally does. Help!

Is this what you are looking to do? Under “preview” there is a switch to “invert” - see bottom on attached picture

Yes! That’s what I want to do, I thought that just changed my view not that the file became negative.

You are correct. What you see above is only a change to how we represent the view in ‘Preview’, so you can more easily visualize the laser effect on dark materials. This does not change your output.

Is this a ‘Fill’ layer you want to make negative? If so, this should help in understanding how LightBurn uses boundaries to define what get filled.

Rick: Would you say that invert (negate) a vector engraving is more often used when rotary engraving on colored mugs/tumblers?

If the SVG just contains an image, then you’ll need to click the ‘Negative Image’ button in the image layer, here: