HOW DO I FIX G-code locked out during alarm or jog state. error:9?

thank you i will try this :grinning:

Yea, that’s pretty sorry lol…

Don’t let it keep you up at night…


it has kept me up till 4am ugh! :clock3:

I cant find search, where is it please?

I apoligize for using caps :heart_eyes:

Magnifying icon, top right 2 icons left of your icon. :slight_smile:

Get over the caps thing, just picking on you…


awwww , and yes i found it…thank you kindly

No perspiration :slight_smile:


still not working
same old “error:9”:“G-code commands are locked out during alarm or jog state.”,

Doesn’t sound like a ‘solution’ to me… :frowning:

You might want to expound on what you are doing when this occurs. Do you turn on the machine and get the error or? There are many ways to get this. I have a grbl machine, so I’ve seen it before.

Are you running a job or just using the ‘move’ buttons?


move buttons then start job

It helps if we can see the output from when you start the job. When grbl boots it outputs things like the version number. It will also output what’s going on right before the error and give you an indication of where it is… I cannot see that on your screen.

Did you go through Lightburn grbl setup?

Also Coordinates and Job Origin is a must know. Take a few and review them.


Thank you JK
i can connect add a photo etc…but everything is stuck, wont do anything else
Lazer just sits there

and there is a red dot light blinking next to solid blue light

Show us the entire console output for review when you can. Something is creating this alarm, and we need to see the messaging to assist further. :slight_smile:

Havings a similar problem with G-code, typed the command (‘$H’|’$X’ ) on the bar but didn’t solve the problem. I’m sure I’m missing something. Can you help? emphasized text

You have to help us help you. Without this information we are clueless. :frowning:


ok will do…will take a picture thanks so very much
Darn since this is my 1st day here it said ive used up to many replies
so you will get this note Saturday darn it
thank you all for your help today
I have to wait 21 hours

We have some basic initial limits set to assist with forum management. I have bumped your account, so you should be fine now. :slight_smile:

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