How do I make a rectangle or circle with a 3mm border

I’m trying to put a thick border line on a rectangle but the cut just does a narrow line and the scan rasters the rectangle. Is there a setting I’m missing. I use Corel 11 and my image has a broad outine but the cut and scan behave as I said. I had an older ULS machine that worked fine and I’d be surprised if a 25 year newer machine/software didn’t do the same.
Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

Draw your shape within Lightburn. Click to highlight. Go down the tools on the left side to the offset shapes tool. Choose your action. Set the layer to scan. That will create the 3 mm black border.

Filed under a different topic but have a look at this:

As @Doug suggests, create the object (circle or rectangle), hit ESC then select object. Select the ‘Offset’ icon from the left toolbar to reveal dialog. Enter desired offset and set layer to ‘Scan’. Choose ‘Preview’ to see results.

Thanks a bunch!
I had tried using RDWorks and never could figure it out.
LightBurn is a super app; my thanks to the developer(s).

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