How do the new diode laser machines perform in reality?

I myself have a 5.5W diode laser which I have been reasonably happy with, it has been my entry machine into the laser world.
Recently I saw an ad for a 20W diode laser machine.

The technology to achieve 20W looks logical and understandable to me. But how does such a machine perform in real life?
Are there any users here who can/will give an insight into the matter?

There are plenty of videos on YouTube that have reviews of 20w diode lasers. They seem to be a big improvement over 5 1/2 W lasers.

Thank you for the feedback. I have seen some of those videos but am very skeptical when they advertise 40 to 80 watts.
That is why I would like to hear some people from here that I trust, what their experiences are.

Try this site then

Many thanks for the link, it was very interesting reading and the video from the 20 Watt machines is also impressive. A lot has happened on the diode front.
There is a small detail that I hope people see and pay attention to, that is when poplar plywood is referred to and shown in the list as plywood. A misunderstanding can quickly arise and people wonder why it is so hard to cut 3mm (BB) plywood.
The results of the acrylic tests are impressive and I think the same about the possibility to engrave stainless steel.