How do you delete part of a line or part of an object

How do you delete part of a line or part of an object? I know how to select a complete object or a complete line, but need to know how to select just part of a line or object. What I want to do is laser some lines, part of lines, and part of objects with three passes and some with just one pass. I have set up layers to do that. Just can’t get these parts separated!

If say you have a square use the node edit tool and hover over a line and hit the “D” on the keyboard. You might need to convert the shape to a path before this works.

Thank you for your prompt reply. I tried what you said and it worked. I knew about the edit node tool but had forgotten about it. I got the complete line deleted and that is what I want at this time. Just not sure how to delete part of a straight line or part of a curve.

This might be worth review:

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