How does Lightburn scale power

Your question has a few layers of nuance. But the simple answer is no, LB doesn’t take the floor and ceiling darkness values of that particular image and scale the power levels proportionately across those values according to 65% power. It’s kind of the reverse.

Yes but…

… then don’t understand this part. Not sure I understand what you mean by translates as.

Here’s a simple model of how I understand this works. I’ll preface this by saying that this applies for grayscale images on diode lasers.

  1. 65% max power sets the upper bound of power used.
  2. There is also a min power that sets the lower bound of power used.
  3. Within the upper and lower bounds defined by the 2 previous figures is contained another full scale as dictated by grayscale intensity. So a pure white would translate to the min power value. And pure black would translate to 65% power.
  4. I don’t know if it’s a purely linear scaling of grayscale through that range but I suspect it is. so 50% grayscale would be half-way in power between upper and lower bounds.

As stated earlier this only applies to grayscale. Any dithered image doesn’t use variable power assignments in this way and I believe only diode lasers are supported for this.

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