How to change what part of copied image gets engraved


I am trying to engrave a a bunch of HD flags for customers, and want to color fill. I stained the background black, but when trying to engrave, its keeps engraving the space behind the border and lettering. I am trying to figure out how to switch that, so only certain borders and lettering are engraved. So i can color fill afterwards. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Example in finished flag below was painted with stencil, but i have to engrave this time.

If I understand this correctly, you want to cut the square in the top left corner, have the stars, letters and crest uncut.

After a third or fourth look I see that there’s an outline around the crest and the square is already there. If you remove the outline around the crest it should solve it.

remove this line

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This is a good post explaining how closed-shape boundaries control what gets filled. :slight_smile:

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